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Setup Navigation Menu

Navigation will be visible in the top header area. You can control and edit the navigation from the _data/navigation.yml data file. The current navigation links are:

- title: home
  url: home
  - title: home gradient
    url: /home-gradient
  - title: home image
    url: /home-image
  - title: home video
    url: /home-video
- title: services
  url: services 
- title: screenshots
  url: screenshots
- title: pricing
  url: pricing
- title: team
  url: team
- title: blog
  url: blog
- title: contact
  url: contact

You can add a title and a URL for each navigation item for the website. For example, if you want to add a link to the about page, you can append the following to the list.

– title: about
url: /about

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